Heavy-Duty Machinery Parts

Machinery Northwest has established a strong reputation by delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. Alongside this, we have diligently expanded our inventory of parts and nurtured relationships with suppliers, enabling us to offer an extensive range of components to meet nearly every heavy-duty requirement.

Spare heavy equipment parts

Heavy Machinery & Equipment Speciality Tools

In search of down-the-hole and top hammer tooling but don’t want to break the bank on new pieces? Machinery Northwest Co. has you covered! We provide used and rebuilt high-quality precision tooling for down-the-hole and top hammer applications, so you can replace that specific bit you’ve been looking for to keep your operation going without breaking the bank!

Used and Rebuilt Down-the-Hole (DTH) Tooling

When it comes to rock drilling in mining or construction applications, Machinery Northwest Co. specializes in providing top-notch used and rebuilt DTH tooling. With our substantial range of DTH bits, DTH hammers, drill pipes, and DTH adaptors, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in meeting their demanding drilling objectives while minimizing costs.

DTH Bits and Hammers

Our robust selection of used and rebuilt DTH bits is a standout in Quincy, Washington. These bits are crafted for optimal performance in the most challenging drilling conditions, ensuring increased penetration rates and longer life span. Accompanied by our selection of DTH hammers, which are rebuilt with utmost precision, our customers can anticipate improved productivity in their drilling operations.

Drill Pipes and DTH Adaptors

Drill pipes and DTH adaptors are critical components of any DTH tooling system. Machinery Northwest Co. offers high-quality used and refurbished drill pipes designed to withstand the harshest drilling environments. Our DTH adaptors are meticulously inspected and rebuilt to ensure optimal performance and reliable connections between the drilling components.

Premium Top Hammer (TH) Tooling Solutions

The value of a reliable supplier cannot be overstated when you're in need of top hammer tooling. Machinery Northwest Co. is proud to provide a comprehensive suite of used and rebuilt TH bits, drill steel, drill tubes, and shanks, promising a significant reduction in total drilling costs without compromising performance or durability.

TH Bits and Drill Steel

Our selection of used and rebuilt TH bits is unparalleled in the industry. We supply a range of sizes and styles, meeting the specific needs of various mining and industrial applications. To complement these bits, we offer superior quality used drill steel. This ensures our clients' highest efficiency, durability, and productivity.

Drill Tubes and Shanks

Drill tubes and shanks are crucial to effective drilling operations. Machinery Northwest Co. is proud to supply an extensive range of used and rebuilt drill tubes designed for a variety of drilling conditions. Along with our premium-quality shanks, our customers can anticipate enhanced performance and greater longevity in their drilling operations.

The Machinery Northwest Co. Advantage

As a leading provider of used and rebuilt DTH and TH tooling in Quincy, Washington, Machinery Northwest Co. offers more than just high-quality products. We understand the technical aspects of mining and construction drilling and aim to assist you in optimizing your operations. Each of our used or rebuilt items undergoes thorough inspection and rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards, providing our clients with peace of mind.

Whether you are in need of DTH bits, hammers, drill pipes, adaptors, or TH bits, drill steel, drill tubes, and shanks, Machinery Northwest Co. has you covered. We are committed to helping you achieve the highest levels of productivity and efficiency with our top-grade used and rebuilt tooling. Contact us today to discuss your drilling needs, and let us provide you with the reliable and cost-effective tooling solutions you require.

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